About Live2Test 2023

The Premier Online Conference for Software Testing

As we have always been desirous to build a social platform for software testers and people who are interested in testing and quality assurance, we have created our social brand and motto, Live2Test®️! Live2Test®️ is a social platform, and a series of events for testers to communicate, to share, to teach, to learn, to consult, to develop and to socialize.

ISTQB® Conference Network Event

Live2Test®️ is a recognized ISTQB®️ Conference Network Event, focusing on Testing and Quality. Live2Test®️ aims to share knowledge, experience and vision with the community.

Keynote Speakers

Alexander Andelkovic

Engineering Manager

Sidekick Health

Andrew Knight

Developer Advocate


Anne Kramer

Global Customer Success Manager

Smartesting Solutions & Services

Barış Sarıalioğlu

Founder, Managing Partner


Craig Risi

QA Architect

REPL Group

Leela Putten

IT Specialist Solutions Consultant

Qualiblaze & IOCO

Marjolein Pordon

Senior Quality Consultant


Mike Talks

Technical Product Owner


Sebastián Víquez López

QA Lead & DevOps Consultant

3Pillar Global

Steve Upton

Principal Consultant


Thomas Haver

Master Software Engineer

M&T Bank

Tomasz Dubikowski

Director of Engineering & Head of Site


Vera Baum

General Manager


Vipin Jain

QA Head & Project Delivery Manager

Metacube Software

Vipul Kocher

Founder and Soul


Workshop Speakers

Hür İbrahim Sakman

Test Automation Team Lead


Lucas Fievet

CEO & Founder


Marie Drake

Developer Advocate

k6 & Grafana Labs

Mehmet Engin Sacan

Senior Test Engineer


Özgür Kaya

QA Manager


Rafaela Azevedo

QA Manager

The ChainAcademy

Rik Marselis

Principal Quality Consultant


Ümit Bilgin

Software Test Architect and Associate Manager


Selim Çakar

Senior Test Engineer


Panel Speakers

Abdurrahman Akın

Software QA Engineer


Ahmet Unudulmaz

Test Architect


Büşra Karagöz

QA & Test Automation Manager


Ebru Kazaskeroğlu

Software Test Team Manager

Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası

Erol Uysal

IT Test Service Manager


Gonca Çiftçi

Software Test Team Lead


Gürol Geneci

Head of IT Sol. Test & User Experience

Arçelik Global

Joel Oliveira

Quality Assurance Senior Manager


Kadir Semih İnce

Test Architect/Team Lead

Anadolu Sigorta

Nihat Ük

Software Quality/Test Manager


Olivier Denoo



Orhan Yener

Senior QA Manager


Sebastian Małyska


Polish Testing Board (SJSI)

Semih Dindar

Test Manager

Migros One

Serkan Cura

Test Automation Team Lead


Szilard Szell

5G DevOps Transformation Lead


Tolga Mırmırık

Senior SDLC Consultant

MD Consultancy

Tufan Uyaroğlu

Test Architect & Service Manager

Vakıf Katılım

Uğur Akyay

Enterprise Applications Manager


Event Hosts

Egemen Akkol

Technology Marketing Manager


Elena Chronopoulou

Development Manager

Etraveli Group

Event Schedule (GMT +3)

Meeting & Networking

09:00 - 09:15

Opening & Introduction

Speakers: Elena Chronopoulou, Egemen Akkol

Language: EN 🇬🇧 / TR 🇹🇷

09:15 - 09:30

Keynote 1:

Survival Guide for Human Testers: Simplicity


Speaker: Barış SARIALİOĞLU

Language: EN 🇬🇧

09:30 - 10:10

Keynote 2:

Testing AI/ML Systems – State of the Art


Speaker: Vipul Kocher

Language: EN 🇬🇧

10:15 - 10:55

Keynote 3:

Future of Testing in Scaled Agile Models


Speaker: Leela Putten

Language: EN 🇬🇧

11:00 - 11:40

Human Panel

Human Side of Testing (Test Career, Education, Communication, Remote Working etc.)


Moderator: Tolga Mırmırık

Speakers: Ebru Kazaskeroğlu, Gürol Geneci, Orhan Yener, Semih Dindar

Language: TR 🇹🇷

11:45 - 12:35

Keynote 4:

The Tester


Speaker: Tomasz Dubikowski

Language: EN 🇬🇧

12:50 - 13:30

Keynote 5:

How can ChatGPT save QA?


Speaker:Alexander Andelkovic

Language: EN 🇬🇧

13:35 - 14:15

Process Panel

Process Side of Testing (Automation, RPA, Performance, Cybersecurity etc.)


Moderator: Kadir Semih İnce

Speakers: Ahmet Unudulmaz, Büşra Karagöz, Tufan Uyaroğlu, Uğur Akyay

Language: TR 🇹🇷

14:20 - 15:10

Workshop 1:

Create your own quality engineering approach


Speaker: Rik Marselis

Language: EN 🇬🇧

15:20 - 16:35

Workshop 2:

Smart Manual Testing vs Smart Test Automation


Speaker: Özgür Kaya

Language: TR 🇹🇷

15:20 - 16:35

Workshop 3:

Performance Testing 101


Speaker: Marie Cruz

Language: EN 🇬🇧

15:20 - 16:35

Workshop 4:

Dockerizing Test Automation: A Framework Building Experience


Speakers: Ümit Bilgin, Selim Çakar

Language: EN 🇬🇧

15:20 - 16:35

Keynote 6:

The Rise and Benefits of Robotic Process Automation


Speaker:Thomas Haver

Language: EN 🇬🇧

16:40 - 17:20

Keynote 7:

Building a Culture of Chaos


Speaker:Steve Upton

Language: EN 🇬🇧

17:25 - 18:05

Keynote 8:

10 Steps Towards More Feminist Leadership


Speaker: Vera Baum

Language: EN 🇬🇧

18:10 - 18:50


18:50 - 19:00

Opening & Introduction

Speakers: Elena CHRONOPOULOU, Egemen AKKOL

Language: EN 🇬🇧 / TR 🇹🇷

09:15 - 09:30

Keynote 9:

Why Facilitation is an Undervalued Skill Testers Need to Develop


Speakers: Mike Talks

Language: EN 🇬🇧

09:30 - 10:10

Keynote 10:

IoT Ecosystem – the Good, the Bad, The Ugly


Speakers: Vipin Jain

Language: EN 🇬🇧

10:15 - 10:55

Keynote 11:

Root Canal Surgery


Speakers: Craig Risi

Language: EN 🇬🇧

11:00 - 11:40

Tech Panel:

Technology Side of Testing (AI, Blockchain, ChatGPT, Humanless Testing etc.)


Moderator: Nihat Ük

Speakers: Abdurrahman Akın, Erol Uysal, Gonca Çiftçi, Serkan Cura

Language: TR 🇹🇷

11:45 - 12:45

Keynote 12:

The Forgotten Realms of Test Design


Speaker: Anne Kramer

Language: EN 🇬🇧

13:00 - 13:40

Keynote 13:

It’s not Easy Being Green! – Software and Sustainability


Speaker: Marjolein Pordon

Language: EN 🇬🇧

13:45 - 14:25

ISTQB® Panel:

Future of Testing and ISTQB®


Moderator: Barış Sarıalioğlu

Speakers: Joel Oliveira, Olivier Denoo, Sebastian Malyska, Szilard Szell

Language: EN🇬🇧

14:30 - 15:40

Workshop 5:

Low Code Visual Testing of an Enterprise Scenario


Speaker: Lucas Fievet

Language: EN 🇬🇧

15:50 - 17:05

Workshop 6:

Robot Framework


Speaker:Hür İbrahim Sakman

Language: TR 🇹🇷

15:50 - 17:05

Workshop 7:

E2E Tests for Web3 Applications


Speaker: Rafaela Azevedo

Language: EN 🇬🇧

15:50 - 17:05

Workshop 8:

Behavioral Testing


Speaker: Mehmet Engin Sacan

Language: EN 🇬🇧

15:50 - 17:05

Keynote 14:

Making Great Waves: 8 Software Testing Convictions


Speaker:Andrew Knight

Language: EN 🇬🇧

17:10 - 17:50

Keynote 15:

QAOps Challenges


Speaker: Sebastián Víquez López

Language: EN 🇬🇧

17:55 - 18:35

Game, Gifts & Prizes, Closing

18:35 - 19:00


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